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    • Premier League
    • Lega Serie A
    • L1
    • La Liga
    • Bundesliga
    • Local Time 08/12/2018 22:30

      The results in 90 minutes
      Schalke 04 -
      Borussia Dortmund -

      Schalke 04 Wins

      2.5% 2


      Odds: 2

      You have 0 B-Coin

      I use All

      Total Stake: 0B  Returns: 0B



      1.9% 2

      Detail: Draws

      Odds: 2

      You have 0 B-Coin

      I use All

      Total Stake: 0B Returns: 0B


      Borussia Dortmund Wins

      51.9% 2

      Detail: Wins

      Odds: 2

      You have 0 B-Coin

      I use All

      Total Stake: 0B   Returns:0B

      Correct Score

      Correct Score X

      Schalke 04

      Schalke 04

      Borussia Dortmund

      Borussia Dortmund

      Betting: B-coins  Odds: 6

    Winnings Standings

    1***** B-Coins
    2***** B-Coins
    3***** B-Coins
    4***** B-Coins
    5***** B-Coins
    6***** B-Coins
    7***** B-Coins
    8***** B-Coins
    9***** B-Coins
    10***** B-Coins


    Bcoins rules

    I、How to get bcoins:

    1.Successfully register and log in to reward 50 B-coins. 2.Complete the personal information of the background: Complete the personal information sections, rewards 15 B-coins. Complete receiving address, rewards 15 B-coins. 3.First log in rewards 2 B-coins(every day). 4.Review: Send a review of the product review will reward 15 B-coins. (only 1 time for each order/jersey, at least 15 words). 5.Share the invitation code and get orders, and get 20% of the order amount into B-coins. 6.Betting: Reward 20 B-coinsfor the first time in the daily betting. (Available after the betting is finished, each person only have five times bets per day). 7.According to the betting odds, the football league match: according to the betting odds, the users can get the corresponding reward, the custom odds, regardless of strength, uniform odds. (win/lose 1 for 2, the correct score 1 for 4, and the betting deadline for each game is one hour before the start of the game). 8.Comment in the bettingpage: Comment on the daily message and reward 1B-coins. (everybody have five times per day).

    II、How to use bcoins:

    1.Betting: For the 18/19 season league matchesbetting. 2.Cumulative redemption of prizes: set up rewards. 3.Each user only could exchange for one time(The valid deadline: 2018/12/31).

    III、Redemption rewards:

    1.188 B-coins + 8.88 US dollars can be exchanged for a jersey shirt (print number+name). 2.388 B-coins can be exchanged for any jersey shirt (print number+name). 3.588 B-coins can be exchanged for any 3 piece suit jersey (print number+name, jersey shorts + ball socks). 4.888 B-coins can be exchanged for football boots. 5.1288 B-coins can be exchanged for FIFA19game( champion edition)(ps4, xbox).
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