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bestsoccerstore / July 14, 2021

Championship back to Rome! Azzurri bus parade with fans

Keywords: Italian National Team, UEFA EURO 2020, Mancini, 1990 World Cup, Azzurri 


On the evening of July 12, local time, the Italian national team members who won the UEFA European Championship took an open-top bus, cleared the way by a police car, and paraded to celebrate surrounded by fans.

Italy FC back home.jpg


In the player career of head coach Mancini, following the Italian youth team to play in the European Youth Championship, and following the Italian national team to participate in the 1990 World Cup, ultimately failed to win a championship, these are two major regrets.


Roberto Mancini.jpg

Mancini said before: "This is a very important moment for me. I really want to be able to enjoy an experience I have never enjoyed in my career."

Italy FC back home.jpg


Before the start of the current European Championship, Italy was not favored, winning odds could not even enter the top five while France, Germany, England, Belgium, Spain, etc. were favored. As the game progresses, Italy has more and more championship appearances, allowing fans to see Mancini’s national team has many changes. For instance, the French team’s speed and rhythm, Spain’s passing figure, and Germany’s oppressive feeling. These characteristics blend together, making the Azzurri invincible.


After winning the championship, Mancini did not have a championship in his player career. While now his coaching career has finally come true, and he has brought the Italian national team into the strongest team in Europe, making the outside world look forward to their performance World Cup next year.