bestsoccerstore / August 24, 2022

Never Say Goodbye to Messi !

Key Words: Barcelona FC, Messi leave Barcelona

Barcelona officially announced the heavyweight news on Friday, August 6, Messi officially left the team, ending 21 years of Barcelona career. Messi made 778 appearances in the Barcelona first team, scoring 672 goals, winning 10 La Liga titles, 7 Copa del Rey titles, 7 Spanish Super Cup titles, 4 Champions League titles, 3 European Super Cup titles, and 3 Club World Cup champion. He won the La Liga Golden Boot 8 times in Barcelona and the European Golden Boot 6 times.



The Barcelona club officially announced that due to economic and policy obstacles caused by the relevant regulations of La Liga, Messi could not complete the renewal of the contract with the Barcelona club, and Messi would not continue to stay in Barcelona.

The La Liga salary cap system originated in 2013: each team declares according to its own budget

As early as 2013, La Liga has introduced a salary cap system. According to regulations, the total salary of each team cannot exceed 70% of the club's total budget. This number is not the actual expenditure of each team, but the theoretical maximum amount that each club can spend.


This figure is the amount of salary cap submitted by each club to La Liga in accordance with its own budget and then approved by La Liga’s review agency. If problems are found after checking, La Liga has the right to change the amount of salary cap to ensure the club’s financial stability and healthy development.

The scope of the La Liga salary cap includes players, first-team coaches, and echelon players, as well as fixed wages, variable wages, bonuses, and transfer costs (including the amortized cost of transfer fees and agent commissions, Signing fees, etc.), plus the social security payments that the players need to pay.

If you want to increase the salary cap of your team, there are mainly the following ways: increase game day income, increase sponsorship income, increase the transfer fee income of sold players, and shareholder capital injection (the amount of capital injection will be in accordance with regulations, within 3-4 The apportioned use during the year is not a one-time calculation of the current year).

Due to the impact of the epidemic, La Liga has readjusted the salary caps of the teams after the suspension of the league this season. Barcelona's figure has dropped to 382 million euros (equivalent to the level of Atletico Madrid before the epidemic). This point is mainly related to the sharp decline in the number of tickets and merchandise sales of clubs and museums that have caused empty venues and clubs due to the epidemic.