BS / June 11, 2022

The Danish fairy tale reappears! The desperate counterattack hits 5 major records



In the early morning of June 22, Beijing time, in Group B of the third round of the European Championship group match, Denmark played against Russia at the Copenhagen Park Stadium. Both teams will fight to qualify. Denmark, which was completely defeated in the previous two wars, must win this campaign to seize a chance.


In this game, the Danish team can be said to be killed by the three services. In the first half, Darmski on the scoreboard for Denmark. And then, Poulsen scored more for the team. Christensen violently shot from a long-range. Mailer's final goal made the team completely relieved! In the end, they defeated Russia 4-1. Defeating Finland and Russia with a goal difference between them, and won second place in the group!

After Eriksson fell ill in the first game, the Danish team struggled hard and lost the first two games, and was forced into desperation. In the last round, they lived up to expectations, used a hearty victory to counterattack, and continued to lead by their teammate Eriksson's sustenance forward!


The Danish team also set a lot of records in this game with 4 goals in a single game in the competition. This is their first time to get such a grade since the 1998 World Cup. And the last time they scored at least 4 goals in a single game in the European Cup has to be traced back to 1984. The first two games of the group were defeated but they were able to advance to the knockout round which is the first time in the history of the European Champion that a team has done it. This is the first time that the Danish team has qualified from the EURO group stage since 2004 and also their biggest point difference victory in the EURO for the past 37 years.

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