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    • Customization

      l Customize with official style(Name/Number/Patch):
      l Name can contain up to 12 letters A – Z. +$3
      l Number can only contain numbers 0 – 99. +$3
      l Patch can choose the patch on the product page: Per patch + $5
      l Regular Jerseys can be customized with patch, names, and numbers; Training suits can’t be customized; Shorts can only be customized numbers.

      About Player Version and Fan Version

      Player version: The team logo on the player version jersey is stamped. Some are with two-line holes on both sides. Some are with only one-line holes on the shoulder. And player version jerseys are slim fit.

      Fan version: Team logo is embroidered, and there is no any hole on both sides or shoulder, just like the normal shirts.

    • How to place an order?

      Create an account at first, then choose what you want, and checkout.

      Can I cancel my order which was already paid?

      You can cancel online orders within 2 hours.

      You need to contact us in advance to cancel the order.

      When can I expect my order?

      Handling time: 2-5 working days, order over 7 items or with customized might takes a little longer.

      Transit time: You may expect to receive your jersey within 5 -15 business days, it depends on which shipment methods you use.

      What is "your referral orders "?

      Your referral orders are the orders which were made by people who you invited to buy jerseys from our website.

    • Which payment methods do you accept?

      We accept the following payment methods : Visa, Mastercard, Debit Cards, Western Union and Ebanx.

      How can I know my payment is received or not?

      We will send you a confirm email once your payment is received, or you can check your order by Customer account >My orders.


      Where can I get a copy of my invoice?

      You can upload the invoice by Customer account >My orders.

      Why is my credit card payment failed ? 

      Incorrect Card Information:

      1.Make sure you use a JCB,Master or Visa Credit Card. 

      2.Make sure you enter a right credit card number, Shipping address should same as billing address . 

      The bank refused  / Transaction declined by the bank. /Declined by issueing bank

      Please called your bank and asked them about that . Cause as we known , some bank might refuse to transfer payment to China Bank Account . 

      Not sufficient funds.

      Please made sure your account have enough money for the order,our site accept US Dollars only.  Your bank might charge you Internaitonal exchange rate, so please made sure your account have more money than your order total .   


      We have 2 Credit Card payment channel, If the Channel 1 doesnt not work , You can try Channel 2. Please try several times,sometimes it will work after several  try.

      When will the payment be confirmed after I pay via western union?

      Normally we will confirm your payment in 1-3 days. And we will change your order status to “Being Processed” after that. You can also check that in your account.

    • How long will the delivery take?

      Standard shipping(EMS): It normally takes 10-30 working days.

      Expedited shipping(DHL): It normally takes 7-10 working days.

      Shipping time is the time of delivery, it started from the tracking website upload the information of your package.

      On following countries, shipping are not avaliable via DHL, but we offer other delivery method freely:

      The price for DHL

      If you want to receive your jersey as soon as possible, then you can use DHL. You will need to pay an additional $20.


      Why is it not shipped yet?

      Check if your order is paid successfully and the status of the successful order is "paid".
      If your order does not require customization, the processing time is 3 business days.
      If your order needs to be customized, the processing time is 5 business days.
      You will be notified by email when you ship.
      If your order has not been shipped for more than 7 days, please contact customer service.

      Why haven't I received the goods yet?

      Check if your order is paid successfully and the status of the successful order is "paid".
      If the order status is "shipped", please click on the "order details" on the left.The logistics order number and logistics information will appear below.

      If the order status is "processing" and has not changed for more than 7 days, please contact customer service.

    • How do I contact Customer service?


      A friendly representive is waiting to answer your questions.
      We're here everyday from 9 AM to 9 PM Central Time (with the occasional break for holidays).

      Email is the best way to contact us. Just send a message to , and we'll have an answer for you within 12 hours.
      For the fastest response, be sure to write down your order number in the message body.

    • How to maintenance your jersey?

      1.Many details of jersey shirt & shorts are Hot-Transfer printed,we suggest you should wash by hand. cause machine wash will damaged the printed.if you use a machine to wash,please turn the jerseys inside out.

      2.Please do not wash the printed or stamped area too hard and avoid exposure the jerseys in the sun for long time. Beside,When you do not wear it please hand up the jesey. 

      3.If the printed peel off,Please make the jersey flat,cover the letters & numbers with clean &  non-stick plastic paper or stencil, iron it with 150C° in 7-8 seconds,If it do not work,please iron again. 

      Attention: Please do not iron the printed directly. 

    • I don't want this jersey (non-customized and no quality problems), how to return?

      In this case, please provide us with the following proof:

      Front and back photos of the original BS package (with sender details and QR code above)


      Ensure that the goods received the tag has not been removed, did not pass through, did not clean. Otherwise we will refuse the visa, the cost of the refusal is borne by the buyer.

      Please return it by ordinary mail, and the freight will be borne by the buyer. We will refund the goods after receiving the goods, but the refund will deduct the part of the postage.

      If it is a customized item and there are no quality problems, we will not return it.

      My jersey has quality problems, what should I do?

      In this case, please provide us with the following proof:

      Photo or video of a defective item

      Front and back photos of the original BS package (with sender details and QR code above)

      It is very safe to buy jerseys on our website. If you encounter any problems, please contact us at the first time, we will provide you with satisfactory solutions.


    • How to get B-Coins?

      1.Successfully register and log in to reward 50 B-Coins.

      2.Complete the personal information: Complete the personal information sections , rewards 15-B-Coins. Complete receiving address, rewards 15 B-Coins.

      3.First log in rewards 2 B-Coins(every day).

      4.Order:Successful payment will reward 20% B-coins.

      5.Review: Send a review of the product review will reward 15 B-Coins. (only 1 time for each order/jersey, at least 15 words).

      6.Betting: Reward 20 B-Coins for the first time in the daily betting (Available after the betting is finished, each person only have five times bets per day).

      7.According to the betting odds, the football league match: according to the betting odds, the users can get the corresponding reward, the custom odds, regardless of strength, uniform odds.

      8.Comment in the betting page: Comment on the daily message and reward 1 B-Coins. (everybody have five times per day).

      9.Activities:Reward B-Coins from Untimely activities.

      What is the B-Coins?

      B-coins is the special exchange currency of the BS website.


      1.Betting: For the 18/19 season league matches betting.
      2.Cumulative redemption of prizes: set up rewards.

      What is cash coupon?

      It is for the after-sale service, the same as the money on our website. you can use it when you check out.

      How to get cash coupon?

      1. BS Coupon center

      We offer many different cash coupons with good discount for our new and old customers.

      Get from here:  

      2. Invitation Code

      You can share your invitation code to your friends to register our website and get successful orders,then you gain commissions which are in the terms of Cash Coupons.Click here to know the rules of invitation: 

      BS Own Code: BS2019 .For users without invitation code also want to gain $5(Valid for one month from the date of collection).

      3. Share

      Share and introduce our site on a Soccer forum(the website address needs to be contained),and then send us the link of your introduction on the forum.You will get $1-10 cash coupon when it’s verified.

      The rules about the B-coins which are got from the special activity.

      The B-coins got from the special activity must be used within the validity period of the activity, and the expiration will automatically expire. Please use it within the specified time.

      How to use cash coupon?

      You can Find it : My account >>My cash coupons.

      If you have cash coupon in your account, you will see the total amount when you checkout. If you want to use it, please fill with the amount you want to use, 1 cash coupon is equal $1,then check out.

      How to exchange B-Coins?

      1.399 B-coins can be exchanged for a 10% discount(order over $50).

      2.599 B-coins + $9.99 can be exchanged for a jersey short (print number).

      3.899 B-coins+$9.99 can be exchanged for a jersey shirt (print number+name).

      4.1099 B-coins +$9.99 can be exchanged for any jersey whole kit (shirt+short+socks) .

      5.1599 B-coins can be exchanged for $ 29.99 cash coupons.

      6.1999 B-coins+$9.99 can be exchanged for football boots.

      7.3099 B-coins can be exchanged for $ 59.99 cash coupons.

      8.Each user only could exchange for one time(the valid deadline:2019/03/31).

    • Easy Rules about Invitation Code

      1. Find &share your invitation code: My account >>My invitation code>>Share it to your friends

      2.  Your friends Print your code to register and get successful orders.

      3. In your account,you are free to see who are invited by you,and how much you gain.

      4. You can 100% withdraw(over $20).

      Detail Rules about Invitation Code

      1. Each user has an invitation code, you can find and reset it: My account >>My invitation code.

      2. Share your invitation code to your friends to register and get successful orders, then you gain commissions, and your friends will get $5(available within 30 days) for any purchase.

      3. After the package was signed, invite a new user, the invitation code owner will receive10% commission of the order amount for the first time and will receive 1% commission each time thereafter. The commissions are in terms of cash coupon.

      4. The commissions can be spent on the website equivalent.

      5. The commissions can be withdrawn 100% to your own Paypal account as long as it more than $20 (including $20).

      6. Bestsoccerstore reserves all rights. Please contact us with any questions. Email:

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