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    About Livestreams

    Live equipment:

    I.win10 system computer/notebook, laptop (Android or IOS system).

    II. You need to download and install live software OBS ( or Live now(app).

    III.OBS For laptop/computer for win10 system, live now(app) for laptop.

    The live page has a multi-channel live stream, and we can start many lives in the same time.

    Content requirements:

    I. The game must be football-related, such as FIFA18, PES2018, etc., but the device must be xbox. II. Share relevant football information and discuss football related news (talk show).

    Time & live requirements:

    I.According to the region and individual fan distribution area as the primary consideration, arrange live broadcast time.

    II. The minimum requirement for each live is 15mins.

    III. Live should be started in time, and you need to hold it as long as we request.

    Promotion content related:

    I. Before the live start, you need to post and tell your fans on the personal social media platforms in advance, and add a live link in the posts.

    II. You cant mentioned some else jerseys websites during the live.


    rewards, you can get more rewards if you can bring more and more traffic. (jerseys, Bcoins, etc.)