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bestsoccerstore / April 7,2021

Chelsea FC Third Away Kit has been Unveiled for 2020/2021

The Chelsea third away kit has pretty well appealed to everyone. Across all age bars. For this season’s set of Nike Third Jerseys, the Swoosh takes us back to the 90s, with a whole set of kits pulling their design inspiration from the heralded Nike Air Max. Each shirt matches up flawlessly with a single shoe. For Chelsea FC, it’s the original design for the Air Max 180.


The fading stripes will surely remind long-time Chelsea supporters of mid 90’s jerseys, when the Air Max 180s were making London their stomping ground. Instead of the oranges and grays used then, Nike opts for a powerfully vibrant ultramarine and ember glow color combo, referencing true Chelsea vintage while also garnering outlandish vibes from Air Max. Only Nike. Only Chelsea Football Club.

Dri-FIT Technology – a high-performance, microfiber polyester fabric that wicks sweat away from the body and allows for increased airflow


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