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bestsoccerstore / May 27,2021

Villarreal beat Manchester United on a penalty kick, winning the UEFA Cup for the first time

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  It also allowed the La Liga team to win a 4-game winning streak against the Premier League team in the Europa League final, and the La Liga team won a 16-game winning streak against foreign teams in the European Championship finals.

  After Valencia lost to Bayern on a penalty kick in the 2001 UEFA Champions League final, the La Liga team encountered foreign teams 16 times in the UEFA Champions League or UEFA Cup/Europa League finals without a single loss.

  In the history of the European war finals, Spain and the English club met a total of 17 times, and the Spanish team won 12 times, occupying an overwhelming advantage. The last 4 UEFA Cup/Europa League final encounters have maintained their victories: Seville beat Middlesbrough 4-0 in 2006; Atletico Madrid beat Fulham 2-1 in 2010; Seville 2016 3 to 1 victory over Liverpool and this season.

  Manchester United’s record in the European Championship finals was not ideal for the La Liga team, losing to Barcelona in the 2009 and 2011 UEFA Champions League finals. In the 2017 European Super Cup, they lost to Real Madrid. The penalty was lost to Huang Qian, which was a 4-game losing streak against the La Liga team in the European finals.